The conference featured 144 posters from previous and current SARE grantees, with all four regions represented. The poster session was widely attended, and one of the most popular features of the conference. All posters that were featured at the conference are listed below, and some of the posters are available to view as PDFs.

Interested in learning more about a particular project listed below? Search the SARE Project Database for the reports of each project.

TUESDAY, APRIL 3 | 10–10:30 AM; 2:30–4:00 PM

  1. Anthelmintic efficacy of pelleted cranberry leaf powder against experimental Haemonchus contortus infection in lambs. CARLY BARONE | University of Rhode Island [Abstract]
  2. Identifying ewes resistant to gastrointestinal parasitic worms during gestation and lactation. JOAN BURKE | USDA-ARS | Booneville AR
  3. Enhancing Productivity of Sheep through greater access and use of genetically evaluated breeding stock. DOOLARIE SINGH-KNIGHTS | West Virginia University [Abstract]
  4. Reduced Pesticide Fly Control in Feedlots and Native Rangeland to Conserve Dung Beetles and Benefit Beef and Sheep Production. LINDA SIMMONS | Twin Brooks SD
  5. Reclamation of Nutrients and Irrigation Waters from Livestock Wastewater. ALON RABINOVICH | Rutgers University [Abstract]
  6. Whole Farm Nutrient Mass Balances for Outcome-based Adaptive Management of Nutrients on Dairy Farms. QUIRINE KETTERINGS | Cornell University [Abstract]
  7. Improving Weight Gain in Goats Grazing Cover Crops Selected through Soil Health Samples. SUSAN JASTER | Lincoln University
  8. Training cattle to graze medusahead and avoid velvet lupine: A new tool to sustain the economic viability of livestock operations in the Western U.S. CASEY SPACKMAN | Utah State University
  9. Detection and prevention of footrot outbreak in sheep and goats. TUMEN WULIJI | Lincoln University
  10. Staphylococcus mastitis, biofilms, and antibiotic resistance: Barriers to milk quality and food safety on artisanal and farmstead cheese producing farms in Vermont. ROBERT MUGABI | University of Vermont [Abstract]
  11. Testing N efficient, high methionine corn hybrids with organic farmers. WALTER GOLDSTEIN | Mandaamin Institute WI
  12. Ensuring Sustainable Agriculture in the Face of a Changing Climate. JULIE DOLL | Michigan State University
  13. Developing perennial grain cropping systems and market opportunities in the Northeast. EUGENE LAW | Cornell University [Abstract]
  14. Establishing a service provider network for alternative grain crops in Pennsylvania. KRISTY BORRELLI | Pennsylvania State University [Abstract]
  15. Two Compost Experiments. PHEAREN KIT | Utah State University
  16. Adapting to Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest: Promoting Adaptation with Five Minute Videos of Agricultural Water Conservation and Management Practices. LIZ WHITEFIELD | Washington State University
  17. Increasing the viability of heirloom dry bean production in the Northeast. HEATHER DARBY | University of Vermont [Abstract]
  18. Building Resilience and Flexibility into Midwest Organic Potato Production: Participatory Breeding and Seed Potato Production. RUTH GENGER | University of Wisconsin
  19. Tomato variety trials for flavor, quality and agronomic performance, to increase high-value direct marketing opportunities for farmers and on-farm trialing capacity. LAURA JESSEE | University of Wisconsin
  20. Tomato Grafting: Developing Grower Recommendations for the Great Plains and Enhancing Our Understanding of the “Rhizobiome”. CARY RIVARD | Kansas State University
  21. Exploring Two Underutilized Native American Food Crops. REAGAN WYTSALUCY | Utah State University
  22. Winter squash: extending the season and expanding the uses. JENNIFER WETZEL | Oregon State University
  23. The Sustainability of Organic Farms under the H2A Program: Evaluating the Program’s Effects on Mitigating Farm Labor Shortages and Maintaining Business Viability. ODEIDRA WILLIAMS | University of Georgia
  24. A Guide to Common Organic Gardening Questions: Step by step recommendations for Organic Vegetable and Fruit Gardening in Northern Utah. KATIE WAGNER | Utah State University
  25. Biochar Amendment to Enhance Tomato and Melon Productivity and Protect Against Phytophthora Root Rot Disease. MARION MURRAY | Utah State University
  26. Learning about organic soil and pest management from the experiences and data of expert farmers. ALEXANDRA STONE | Oregon State University
  27. Do cover crops stabilize wine grape productivity in a variable climate? SUZANNE FLEISHMAN | Pennsylvania State University [Abstract]
  28. The Mango Loa Project. UMI MARTIN | Waimea HI
  29. SSARE Young Scholar Internship: Extending the Market Season with High Tunnel Technology for Sustainable Organic Fruit Production. KENNETH BUCK | University of Arkansas
  30. Extending the Market Season with High Tunnel Technology for Organic Berry Production. CURT ROM | University of Arkansas
  31. Developing tools to improve communication between farmers and farm workers around fruit farm practices. JAMES O’CONNELL | Cornell University [Abstract]
  32. Alternative growing practices for oyster mushroom cultivation in the Northeast. WILLIE CROSBY | Fungi Ally | Hadley MA [Abstract]
  33. Organic weed management using chemically and microbially designed compost extracts. GLADIS ZINATI | Rodale Institute | Kutztown PA [Abstract]
  34. Mechanical and biological strategies to remove invasive Bermuda grass in preparation for organic vegetable production on raised beds. JENNIFER TAYLOR | Lola’s Organic Farm | Glenwood GA
  35. Enhancing Natural Enemy Systems: Biocontrol Implementation for Peachtree Borers. DAVID SHAPIRO-ILAN | USDA-ARS | Byon GA
  36. Bovine-avian Interactions on Dairies: Improving Cow Welfare and Farm Economic Stability by Implementing Effective and Sustainable Pest Bird Deterrence Methods. AMBER ADAMS-PROGAR | Washington State University
  37. The Conservation Biological Control Short Course. THELMA HEIDEL-BAKER | Xeres Society | Portland OR
  38. INSIDE OUT: Hawaii’s honeybee colony dynamics and the farm services provided. ETHEL VILLALOBOS | University of Hawaii
  39. Understanding aphidophagous hoverfly winter survival strategies in Midwest farmscapes to improve conservation biological control. SCOTT CLEM | University of Illinois
  40. Beekeeper Education and Support in NW Iowa. DUANE BAJEMA | Dordt College IA
  41. Developing a method to capture and authenticate single varietal honey on diverse landscapes. RACHEL COVENTRY | Second Nature Honey | Urbana IL
  42. The Southwest Survivor Queenbee Project. MELANIE KIRBY | Washington State University
  43. Development of Good Food Farmers Network: A replicable model of farmer-owned joint marketing and sales. HILARY CORSUN | Dog Wood Farm & Good Food Farmers Network | Old Chatham NY [Abstract]
  44. How Local Food System Development Affects the Sustainability of Agriculture: The Impact of Farmer-Consumer Interactions on Production Practices. ALLISON PERRETT | Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project | Asheville NC
  45. Moving the NC Local Food System Toward Sustainability: A Comprehensive Graduate Course in Local Food Systems for Cooperative Extension Agents, Specialists, and Other Educators. JOANNA MASSEY LELEKACS | North Carolina State University
  46. Food Hubs and the Regional Food System: Refining Our Understanding of Best Practices from Foodsheds to Operations. CARLOS CISNEROS | University of Georgia
  47. Collaborative Food Supply Chains for Iowa’s Farmers. ANUJ MITTAL | Iowa State University
  48. Increasing the Use of Farm Fresh Food in Institutional Settings by Educating Chefs, Youth, and Local Farmers Through Demonstrations, Workshops, and Visual References. ANN SWANSON | Hendrick House Farm | Urbana IL
  49. Enhancing Cooperative Extension Capacity to Support The Advancement of Adding Value and Direct Marketing by Farmers in the Northeast. WINIFRED MCGEE | Pennsylvania State University [Abstract]
  50. On-Farm Direct Marketing SWOT Analysis Training. MICHELLE INFANTE-CASELLA | Rutgers University [Abstract]
  51. Building Capacity through Collaboration and Eliminating Urban Food Deserts. CARY JUNIOR | SE Michigan Producers Assoc | Detroit MI
  52. Examining, Optimizing, and Building Capacity for Montana’s Local Beef to School Supply Chain. THOMAS BASS | Montana State University
  53. Northcoast Lamb Co-Op. LAURA DEYOUNG MINNIG | The Spicy Lamb Farm | Peninsula OH
  54. Development of Extension Programming to Support the Advancement of Agritourism in the Northeast. MICHELLE INFANTE-CASELLA | Rutgers University [Abstract]
  55. Scaling Food Waste Composting in Milwaukee. GREG LAWLESS | University of Wisconsin
  56. Indy Urban Mushrooms: Growing revenue through collaborative exploration of mushroom production. JULIA ANGSTMANN | CUE Farm | Indianapolis IN
  57. Missouri Agroforestry Summer Institutes: High School Educator Training for Curriculum Delivery. HANNAH HEMMELGARN | University of Missouri
  58. Breed types and cover crops provide alternatives for sustainable year-round supply of forage-fed beef for small farms in the Gulf Coast region: Research and on-farm demonstrations. GUILLERMO SCAGLIA | Louisiana State University
  59. Cultivating the Wine Cap Mushroom while building soil health and suppressing plant disease – an innovative and economical approach to two common agricultural problems. LINDSEY BENDER | Field and Forest Products | Peshtigo WI
  60. Expanding sustainable shellfish aquaculture: Optimizing growth and survival in a bay scallop nursery system. DANIEL WARD | Ward Aquafarms | North Falmouth MA [Abstract]
  61. The Northeast Cover Crops Council: Building the Network and Online Decision Support Tools. STEVEN MIRSKY | USDA-ARS | Beltsville MD [Abstract]
  62. 2016 Northeast SARE Regional Cover Crops Training. JASON CHALLANDES | Delaware State University [Abstract]
  63. Midwest Cover Crops Council - Cover Crop Decision Tool. ANNA MORROW | Purdue University
  64. Deep Soil Nitrogen: A Resource for Sustainability in the Mid-Atlantic Using Early Cover Crops. RAY WEIL | University of Maryland [Abstract]
  65. Integrated oyster and littleneck clam aquaculture to increase seafarm yield. JORDAN KRAMER | Winnegance Oyster-Farm | West Bath ME [Abstract]
  66. Developing a Self Funded Aquaculture Program for High Schools. WILLIAM WEST | Blue Iris Fish Farm | Black Creek WI
  67. Breaking Barriers: Building Capacity to Provide Tractor Education. BETH HOLTZMAN | University of Vermont [Abstract]
  68. Lasting Impacts of a 2012 SARE Beginning Farmer Professional Development Project in Maine. ELLEN MALLORY | University of Maine [Abstract]
  69. Poster Withdrawn
  70. On-Farm and Ranch Education of New and Beginning Latino Producers in Missouri. ELEAZAR UBALDO GONZALEZ | University of Missouri
  71. Model State Program: The Third Thursday Thing. MARION SIMON | Kentucky State University
  72. Improving Learning in SARE and Extension Education Programs with Five Best Practices for Adult Learning. JANET MCALLISTER | Northeast SARE [Abstract]
  73. Beyond Fresh: Expanding Markets for Sustainable Value-Added Food Products in Texas. MIKE MORRIS | National Center for Appropriate Technology

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4 | 10–10:30 AM; 2:30–4:00 PM

  1. Facilitating grazing partnerships on Wisconsin’s public grasslands: Assessing plant communities and developing best practices. GRETA LANDIS | University of Wisconsin
  2. Grazing management of “Kernza” Intermediate wheatgrass as a dual purpose crop. JEREMIE FAVRE | University of Wisconsin
  3. Evaluating the feasibility, effectiveness, and challenges of sprouted grains on grazing dairy farms. KATHY SODER | USDA-ARS | University Park PA [Abstract]
  4. Sustainability Training in Agricultural Resources Systems (STARS): A Train-the-Trainer Model for Agriculture and Natural Resources Professionals. LESLIE BURGER | Mississippi State University
  5. Westside Pasture Calendar for Agricultural Professionals in the Pacific Northwest. SUSAN KERR | Washington State University
  6. Pasture-based Dairy Impact on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling in Response to Grazing Grass-Legume Mixtures over Monocultures. JENNIFER LONG | Utah State University
  7. Transitioning farms and ranches from one family to another: Improving farm transitions with better programs and services. JULIA VALLIANT | Indiana University
  8. Tall Fescue Pasture Seed Head Control Methods. RUSTY LEE | University of Missouri
  9. The Economic Analysis of Cover Crops, Soil Health, the role of Livestock and Impact on Moisture. MIKE MCDONALD | Indigo Ridge Farm | Palmyra NE
  10. Professional Development Project in Weed and Forage Identification and Management. SID BOSWORTH | University of Vermont [Abstract]
  11. Sheep Parasite Control in Silvopasture Systems. EVANGELINE AND JULIANNA PENT | Virginia Tech University
  12. Sustainable year-round sheep milking management. NIKOLA KOCHENDOERFER | Cornell University [Abstract]
  13. Quantifying and demonstrating scrubbing H2S from farm-based anaerobic digestion systems. ABHINAV CHOUDHURY | University of Maryland [Abstract]
  14. Insect larvae production on dairy cow manure: a potential windfall for dairy farmers and sustainable aquaculture. NATHANIEL SIBINGA | Cornell University [Abstract]
  15. Sustainable Livestock Mortality Management. MARK HUTCHINSON | University of Maine [Abstract]
  16. Early (in-ovo) administration of probiotics to promote growth in broiler chicken. MUHAMMED SHAFEEKH MUYYARIKKANDY | University of Connecticut [Abstract]
  17. Pastured Rabbit for Profit. NICHKI CARANGELO | Letterbox Farm | Hudson NY [Abstract]
  18. Advancing sustainable cropping systems for dairy in the Northeast. HEATHER KARSTEN | Pennsylvania State University [Abstract]
  19. Integrating no-till and forage radish cover crops for sustainable early sweet corn production. JULIE FINE | University of Massachusetts [Abstract]
  20. Incorporating Cereal Rye Into a No-Till Corn/Soybean Rotation For Erosion Reduction and Possible Grazing Use. CHARLES ELLIS | University of Missouri
  21. Cover Crop Influence on Stored Soil Water Availability to Subsequent Crops. SRUTHI NARAYANAN | Clemson University
  22. Replacing Summer Fallow with Grain-type Field Peas in Semiarid Cropping Systems: Sustainability and Agronomic Evaluation. STRAHINJA STEPANOVIC | University of Nebraska
  23. Developing Sustainable Roller Crimped Cover Cropping Systems for Corn and Soybean Production: Effects on Cover Crop Winter Hardiness, Biomass, N Mobilization, Weed Suppression and Yields. BILLY SAMMONS | Sammons Custom Farming | Churdan IA
  24. Use of Irrigation on Pasture-Based Dairies to Determine Forage and Irrigation Type Efficiencies. STACEY HAMILTON | University of Missouri
  25. Deep Soil Profile Sampling of Nitrate for Residual Nitrogen Credit in Winter Wheat Texas Blacklands. DENNIS COKER | Texas A&M University
  26. Understanding irrigation technologies and grower decision-making in the Wisconsin Central Sands. ELIZABETH MCNAMEE | University of Wisconsin
  27. Improving Seedless Cucumber Production to Diversity High Tunnel Crops in the North Central Region. WENJING GUAL | Purdue University
  28. Strengthening Organic Sweetpotato Propagation Systems in the North Central Region. ZACHARY HOPPENSTEDT | Kansas State University
  29. Cover Crop Cold Tolerance for High Tunnels. CHARLOTTE THURSTON | University of Minnesota
  30. Integrating row covers into sustainable production systems to strengthen the sustainability of specialty crops farmers. RAMON ARANCIBIA | Virginia Tech University
  31. Effect of Cover and Green Manure Crops on Soil Health, Plant Health and Tuber Yield in Organic Sweet Potato Production. WAANA KALUWASHA | University of Missouri
  32. Nitrogen contribution from cover crops for vegetable crop uptake. KATIE CAMPBELL-NELSON | University of Massachusetts [Abstract]
  33. Increasing adoption of reduced tillage strategies on organic vegetable farms in the maritime Northwest. DOUGLAS COLLINS | Washington State University
  34. Cover crops and strip tillage to promote soil quality, environmental sustainability, food safety, and profitability in cucurbit cropping systems. AJAY NAIR | Iowa State University
  35. Increasing Profitability of Tomato Production in High Tunnels. WILLIE LANTZ | University of Maryland [Abstract]
  36. Optimizing between-row management strategies in plasticulture vegetables for improved crop production and soil health. ALYSSA TARRANT | Michigan State University
  37. Optimizing nutritional management in fruit tree production in Southern U.S. QI ZHOU | Clemson University
  38. Innovative Waste Management Strategies by Utilizing Locally Produced Organic Amendments for Nutrient Management and Crop Production in Hawaii. AMJAD AHMAD | University of Hawaii
  39. Methods for Improving Quality and Conditions of Ground Cherry Production. LISA GARFIELD | Calliope Farm | Salisbury MD [Abstract]
  40. Direct Marketing Non-Traditional Perennial Berry Varieties: Expanding Eater Preferences and Grower Connections. ERIN SCHNEIDER | Hilltop Community Farm | La Valle WI
  41. Growing Organic Blueberries Using Biochar. RICK MARESKE | Johnson County Community College | Kansas City KS
  42. Effects of Subsurface Micro-irrigation on Water Use Efficiency and Grapevine Growth. XIAOCHI MA | Washington State University
  43. Integrating Pest & Pollinator Management in Southern Berry Production. JEREMY SLONE | North Carolina State University
  44. Linking adaptive management to climate change impacts on diversified vegetable and berry farms in northern New England. ALISSA WHITE | University of Vermont [Abstract]
  45. Food storage curriculum for farmers and processors. CHRIS CALLAHAN | University of Vermont [Abstract]
  46. Luring Generalist Predators from Field Borders to Control Crop Pests. ADAM INGRAO | Michigan State University
  47. Improved trapping strategies for managing harlequin bug: applying recent research and discovery of its aggregation pheromone as a tool for vegetable growers. ANTHONY STEPHEN DIMEGLIO | Virginia Tech University
  48. Promoting sustainable biological control of the soybean aphid: the effect of plant diversity, management practices, and overwintering on Aphelinus parasitoids in North America. JONATHAN DREGNI | University of Minnesota
  49. Management of soilborne diseases in small farms with eco-friendly treatment options. MAHFUZ RAHMAN | West Virginia University [Abstract]
  50. Development of Disease Management, Fertility, and Weed Control Best Practices for Northeast Garlic Production. CRYSTAL STEWART | Cornell University [Abstract]
  51. Sustainable Management Strategies for Management of Key Insect and Nematode Pests in Squash Cropping Systems. LORENA LOPEZ | University of Florida
  52. Diagnosis and Management of a New Disease of Cucurbits in Oregon. HANNAH RIVEDAL | Oregon State University
  53. Sustainable Management of Soil-borne Diseases in Nursery Production. PRABHA LIYANAPATHIRANAGE | Tennessee State University
  54. Assessing microbial communities of aqueous compost extracts and their effects on mulch and crop residue degradation. BEN SAMUELSON | University of Nebraska
  55. From the Classroom to the Field: Advanced Soil Health Training for Illinois Ag Service Providers. JENNIFER FILIPIAK | American Farmland Trust | DeKalb IL
  56. Networking for Soil Health. THERESA KEAVENY | Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
  57. Priming for production: A podcast on soil health. NATALIE LOUNSBURY | University of New Hampshire [Abstract]
  58. Building Soil Health in Maryland Through Agricultural Service Provider Education. NEVIN DAWSON | University of Maryland [Abstract]
  59. Living Soil for a Sustainable Future: Assessing the Effects of Cover Crops and Tillage on the Soil Microbial Community and Health. SAMANTHA TAGGART | Virginia Tech University
  60. Understanding the Influence of Soil Microbial Diversity on the Synchronization of Cover Crop Residue Nitrogen Mineralization at Critical Growth Stages of Corn and Soybean Cash Crops. CLAYTON NEVINS | Purdue University
  61. The Effect of Best Management Practices on Soil Health in Wisconsin: A Comparison of Soil Biological Measurements Using Long-Term Trials. GREG RICHARDSON | University of Wisconsin
  62. Soil Health of a Warm-Season Perennial Pasture Over-seeded with Cool-Season Annuals. KATHLEEN BRIDGES | Louisiana State University
  63. Incorporating Soil Ecological Knowledge into Management of CRP Lands. HANNAH BIRGE | University of Nebraska
  64. Developing a Soil Test Kit for Extension Programming. CAITLIN YOUNGQUIST | University of Wyoming
  65. Farm-to-Childcare in North Carolina; A Holistic Case Study. JACOB RUTZ | North Carolina State University
  66. Dining at the Farmer’s Table. JOHNELLA HOLMS | Nicodemus Education Camps | Nicodemus KS
  67. Social Sustainability on the Farm. DEBRA HELEBA | University of Vermont [Abstract]
  68. Reweaving the Economic Fabric to Support Sustainable Farms and Ag-based Businesses. JAN JOANNIDES | Renewing the Countryside | Minneapolis MN
  69. Farm Financing: Measuring Profitability and Success. DOROTHY SUPUT | The Carrot Project | Boston MA [Abstract]
  70. Why Do They Quit?: Identifying Key Determinants of Beginning Farmers’ Decisions. ANDREA RISSING | Emory University
  71. Soil solarization as a tool to control weeds and soilborne pathogens in tree seedling nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. BRIAN HILl | Oregon State University
  72. Saving Water and Improving Soil Health Through LESA, Cover Crops, No-Till, and Management Intensive Grazing. LAURA GOLDEN | University of Idaho
  73. Northeast SARE State Programs: A Model for Outcome-focused Professional Development. JANET MCALLISTER | Northeast SARE [Abstract]