SARE Outreach

SARE Outreach is the national communications arm of SARE and works with SARE’s regions to share grantee research results with farmers, ranchers, educators, consumers and others.

Outreach is guided by a steering committee comprised of regional communications and professional development staff, regional Administrative Council members, and experts in ag communications. The steering committee helps set Outreach priorities and activities, including the selection of products to be produced. SARE Outreach is located in College Park, Md., and operates under cooperative agreements with the University of Maryland to develop and disseminate information about sustainable agriculture.

Materials for Nonprofit Education

Request SARE books, bulletins and promotional materials for nonprofit educational programs for farmers, ranchers and agricultural educators.

SARE Outreach Staff

Contact SARE Outreach with media requests; questions or comments related to publications or this Web site; and when seeking general information about SARE or sustainable agriculture.