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New Podcast Episode: "Chestnuts in Southeastern Ohio: A Cooperative Small Farm Effort"

Dive into the world of chestnut production in this episode of ATTRA’s Voices from the Field podcast. NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Tyler Jenkins talks with Michelle Ajamian, a network developer for the Appalachian Stable Foods Collaborative. Ajamian, based in southeastern Ohio, advocates for small-scale farming and discusses the challenges and triumphs of cultivating a chestnut […]

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SARE Supporting Strategies to Curb Food Loss and Reduce Food Waste with Grant Opportunity

GRIFFIN, Georgia -- The USDA recognizes the impacts of food loss and food waste on food security and the environment. USDA, in concert with agency partners, is working toward the goal of reducing food loss and food waste by 50 percent by 2030. In the latest effort in reduction activities, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education […] news in-revitalizing-the-chestnut-industry-a-north-carolina-farmer-is-chasing-the-perfect-nut

In Revitalizing the Chestnut Industry, a North Carolina Farmer is Chasing the Perfect Nut

BURNSVILLE, North Carolina – Ron Fritz has a vision to restore the grandeur of the American chestnut tree in Western North Carolina. The retired food scientist turned farmer sets his gaze on the forested hillsides of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside his small chestnut orchard and recounts the stories told of American chestnut trees that […]

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Farming and Food Narrative Project

Farmers know farming is a complex endeavor with competing demands and economic pressures. The non-farming public thinks farming is hard labor but otherwise simple. Farmers know that crop-destroying pests take the form of insects, diseases, weeds, nematodes, birds and mammals, and that managing pests requires an array of integrated tactics. The non-farming public thinks pests […]

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The Role of Black Farmer Organizers in Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Local Community Food Access

BLACKSBURG, Virginia –  Seeking answers to the critical question of how contemporary Black farmer organizers and their networks actively create sustainable food systems pathways, Nicole I. Nunoo,  at Virginia Tech, used a Southern SARE graduate student grant to employ a community-based case study of Black farmers who are at the forefront of sustainable agricultural development in […]