Bees and Alternative Beekeeping Equipment

Bee Diverse

Based in British Columbia, Web retailer Bee Diverse offers a variety of backyard mason bee nests for sale, along with informational books and videos.

641 Claremont St.

Coquitlam, BC

Canada V3J 3T5

(800) 794-2144


Entomo-Logic is a Washington-based company providing the Western subspecies of the blue orchard bee, as well as mason bee nests. Their bees are inspected for parasites and diseases before shipment.

21323 232nd St. SE

Monroe, WA


(360) 863-8547

Forked Tree Ranch

Sells blue bottle flies for managed pollination.

HCR 60, Box 226

Porthill, ID 83853

(208) 267-2632


International Pollination Systems

Provides pollination consulting and research.

Jonesville Paper Tube Corporation

A custom cardboard and paper tube manufacturer, Jonesville Paper Tube has extensive experience providing materials for mason bee nests. The company provides free sample materials upon request.

540 Beck St.

PO Box 39

Jonesville, MI 49250

(517) 849-9963

JWM Leafcutters

JWM buys and sells alfalfa leafcutter bees, and nest equipment. They also provide loose-cell removal and nest block cleaning. Based in Idaho and Canada.

4300 S. Chicago St.

Nampa, ID


(208) 467-1488

Knox Cellars

A Washington-based company providing the western subspecies of the blue orchard bee and mason bee nests.

25724 NE 10th St.

Sammamish, WA 98074

(206) 849-5065

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Koenders Manufacturing Ltd.

A Canadian-based agricultural manufacturer, Koenders produces plastic leafcutter bee shelters, nest materials, incubation trays, and loose-cell harvesting equipment.

PO Box 171

Main St.

Englefeld, SK

Canada SOK 1NO

(877) 581-8877

Mason Bee Homes

Sells small, backyard-style mason bee houses.

2460 Oakes Rd.

Black Creek, BC

Canada V9J 1J1

Midori Horticultural Services

Sells several species of mason bees, leafcutter bees, and offers managed pollinator consulting.

North Star Seed Ltd.

A Canadian supplier of leafcutter bees and leafcutter management equipment.

Box 2220

Neepawa, MB

Canada, ROJ 1HO

(204) 476-5241

A Web site selling the Western subspecies of the blue orchard bee. Based in Utah.

Pollinator Paradise

A manufacturer of leafcutter and mason bee nest blocks.

The Pollinator Paradise Web site has extensive informational articles on leafcutter and mason bee management.

31140 Circle Dr.

Parma, ID 83660

Conservation Resources


Agrecol is a midwestern producer of native prairie seed. They specialize in grasses and wildflowers native to the northern tall grass prairie, and have experience in natural area restoration. Many of their seed mixes are suitable for pollinator conservation projects.

2918 Agriculture Dr.

Madison, WI 53718

(609) 226-2544

Ecological Society of America

The ESA’s Pollinator Tool Kit provides fact sheet-type informational resources on pollinator conservation.

1707 H. St. NW., Suite 400

Washington, DC 20006

(202) 833-8773

JF New

A native plant nursery and ecological consulting firm based in Indiana. JF New offers over 355 plant species including tall grass prairie plants (both seeds and plugs), as well as native trees. Many of their plants are suitable for pollinator conservation projects.

708 Roosevelt Road

Walkerton, IN 46574

(574) 586-3400

Prairie Nursery

A producer of native tall grass prairie seeds and flats of live plants. Based in Wisconsin.

PO Box 306

Westfield, WI 53964

800 Gro-Wild

The Xerces Society

The Xerces Society’s pollinator program works with farmers, land managers, public agencies, and gardeners to promote the conservation and recovery of native pollinator insects and their habitat. To accomplish those goals Xerces produces user-friendly publications on how to protect, restore, and enhance habitat for pollinators (including Farming for Bees, and the Pollinator Conservation Handbook). Xerces also provides training events—including workshops, farm walks, and seminars—to provide a first-hand look at specific pollinator conservation issues.

4828 SE Hawthorn Blvd.

Portland, OR 97215

(503) 232-6639

Informational Websites

Bumble Boosters

A cooperative project of the University of Nebraska Department of Entomology, the Lincoln Public Schools Science Focus Program, and the Folsom Children’s Zoo. Bumble Boosters provides a free downloadable bumble bee identification guide and links to bumble bee related information.

Discover Life

Identification keys for countless plants and animals— including thousands of pollinators. Includes extensive photos and distribution maps for many bees, wasps, butterflies, flies, and other insects.

Insect Visitors of Prairie Wildflowers in Illinois

Provides descriptions of various insect groups common to tall grass prairie ecosystems, including many pollinators. Includes a list of insect records for many common native plants.

How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee

The electronic version of the classic book written by William Kemp and Jordi Bosch. The most comprehensive treatise written on the subject of mason bee management. A publication of the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.

North American Bee Mites

A project to identify and classify parasitic mites of native and introduced bee pollinators.

The Pollination Home Page

Maintained by a beekeeper and updated infrequently, this has extensive pictures of bees and informational articles on beekeeping and pollination.

Saskatchewan Alfalfa Seed Producers Association

Extensive informational articles on leafcutter bee management including a number of excellent pictorial guides to various bee diseases.

The University of Minnesota Bee Lab

Information on honey beekeeping courses, including online and weekend short-courses at the University of Minnesota. Includes information resources on maintaining healthy honey bees.

What’s That Bug?

An incredible site operated by amateur entomologists. What’s That Bug provides countless photos and information on insects. WTB relies on photo submissions from the public and provides assistance identifying invertebrates of all types. The site has excellent photos of many pollinators native to North America.

Wild Blueberry Growers Guide

Maintained by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, this site has several excellent fact sheets on managing leafcutter bees, wild mason bees, bumble bees, and honey bees for blueberry pollination.