Water Management Addressed in New SARE Video

July 8, 2021
What is Sustainable Agriculture Animation Episode 7

The increased frequency of severe weather events puts additional strains on water quality and quantity, threatening the success of farms worldwide. SARE's "Water Conservation" animation illustrates how efficient water management can help farmers and ranchers increase the resilience of their operations while improving the health of their crops and livestock. The newest episode in SARE’s “What is Sustainable Agriculture?” series provides a simple and short introduction to efficient water use strategies and is intended to complement more detailed training materials.

The animation illustrates common sustainable water management strategies such as:

  • Reducing tillage
  • Planting cover crops 
  • Incorporating organic matter
  • Selecting drought-tolerant plants 
  • Adjusting stocking rates

Water Conservation” is now available for viewing and sharing at www.sare.org and on YouTube. Farmers, ranchers, educators and other agricultural professionals may download the video and/or embed it without modification into websites or other fair use educational presentations. This video series was produced through a collaboration of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program and Pixeldust Studios.

Topics: Crop Production, Water Management
Related Locations: North Central, Northeast, South, West