Conservation Tillage Systems in the Southeast

June through August

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With cash crops in the ground, June through August is a time to look forward to summer crop harvest and winter crop planting. There are many tasks to accomplish during the fall so planning and preparation in the summer is essential.

Plan for Cover Crops

The best time to plant winter cover crops is often when summer crops are being harvested.  Choose cover crops to accomplish specific farm goals:

  • reduce compaction
  • cover the soil surface year-round
  • control erosion
  • control weeds
  • control nematodes
  • attract beneficial insects
  • fix nitrogen
  • scavenge for nitrogen
  • scavenge for phosphorus and potassium
  • grow quality forage

See Chapter 5 for more information on cover crop selection and management.

Purchase Cover Crop Seed

Buy seed for fall-planted cover crops, seed patches and small-grain cash crops while supplies and selection are good. Seed can be hard to find at planting time. Search for the best price and quality, and have them delivered to the farm.

Service and Repair Equipment

Get equipment ready for harvesting summer cash crops and planting fall crops. This will help avoid downtime during planting.

Download the table from Chapter 4.