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About the Authors

Chapter 1: Introduction

Charles L. Mohler

Chapter 2: How Expert Organic Farmers Manage Crop Rotations

Sue Ellen Johnson and Eric Toensmeier

Chapter 3: Physical and Biological Processes in Crop Rotation

Chapter 4: Crop Sequences from Expert Farmers’ Fields

Sue Ellen Johnson

Chapter 5: A Crop Rotation Planning Procedure

Charles L. Mohler 

Chapter 6: Crop Rotation during the Transition from Conventional to Organic Agriculture

Charles L. Mohler

Chapter 7: Guidelines for Intercropping

Charles L. Mohler and Kimberly A. Stoner

Appendix 2: Crop Sequence Problems and Opportunities Charles L. Mohler
Appendix 5: Crop Disease Pathogens Hosted by Common Agricultural Weeds Charles L. Mohler and Margaret Tuttle McGrath
Appendix 6: Linking a Field Map and Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel Jody Bolluyt, Peter Lowy, and Charles L. Mohler


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