Agronomic Row Crops
Tool Index

Introduction to Agronomic Tool Use
  Rotary hoe, standard
  Rotary hoe, high-residue
  Rotary hoe accessories
  Flex-Tine weeder
  Spike-tooth harrow

Hoes and Harrows to the Rescue

  Cultivator, low-residue
  Cultivator, moderate-residue
  Cultivator, high-residue
  Cultivator, maximum-residue
  Cultivator, rolling
  Cultivator, horizontal disk
  Cultivator sweeps, knives and wings
  Cultivator shields
  Cultivator components

Hot Tips for Flame Weeding

Guidance Systems
  Guidance mirrors
  Guidance, furrower/wheel
  Guidance, ridge mechanical
  Guidance, plant sensing
    Hitch steer guidance
    Side-shift guidance
    Tool-pivoting guidance
    Disk-steer guidance
  Ridge-till planter