Agronomic Row Crops
Tool-Pivoting Guidance

diagram of a Tool-pivoting guidance system

(electronic sensing/controls, hydraulic adjustment)
A pivoting guidance system requires stabilizing coulters and loose (unblocked) three-point hitch arms. It effectively compensates for the 'tailout' effect with long tools when the implement end and tractor front move in opposite directions. This effect is aggravated with articulated tractors and when working on contours. With sufficient coulter anchoring, pivoting systems work well even in heavy soil and with implements that have substantial sideways draft resistance. Accuracy is best when sensors are mounted toward the center of the toolbar. System does not influence tool's range of crop or height capacity.

Design Features: Quick-hitch attachment. Common to both leading types of pivoting systems are two opposing hydraulic cylinders that work in concert. They simultaneously push and pull on the two lower implement attachment points, moving one side slightly ahead as the other side moves slightly back. Their movement slants (pivots) the toolbar just enough to point the sweeps in the desired direction to keep the cultivator properly situated. Rigid stabilizing coulters provide the rearward anchor that steers the implement in the desired direction.

List price: $3,450 to $5,250
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See: Thacker