diagram of a rolling cultivator tills

Agronomic Row Crops
Rolling Cultivator

Intended for low-residue (spider gangs) or moderate residue (notched disk gangs) conditions.

Overview: A rolling cultivator tills with gangs of three to five spiders - wheels of strong, curved, cutting teeth radiating from a center hub - or notched disks. Disks are more aggressive than spider gangs and are more effective in residue. Gangs adjust three ways on round standards: to throw soil away from or toward the row; to move back or forward to align with other tools; and to change pitch to conform to the sides of raised beds. Can be used to build ridges. Heavy residue or larger rocks reduce the tool's effectiveness.

Design Features: The sharpened, angled ends aggressively slice through soil, uprooting and cutting weeds and leaving a fine surface soil mulch in loose soils. Split-row gangs position two spider wheels on each side of the row. They can operate very close to rows of crops up to 10" tall. Slicer tines run very close to a stationary bar to cut viny weeds.

Model for comparison: 15' rigid toolbar for six rows on 30" centers (6R30)
Rec. PTO HP: 70 to 90
5 to 10 mph
List price:
$6,000 to $6,600
Width range (all makers/all models): 8' to 30'

Sources: 12, 22, 41

Farmers: Bennett, Chambers, Foster, Gemme, Hattaway, Haines, Harlow, Muller