Agronomic Row Crops
Disk-Steer Guidance

diagram of Disk steer guidance system

(electronic sensing/controls, hydraulic adjustment)
One of the earliest electronic-sensing guidance systems, steering disks are now used primarily in the most severe conditions or with 12-row or wider equipment. Sophisticated electronics provide self-diagnosis and automatic calibration, important features for wide tools when a control lapse could affect so many rows at once. System does not influence tool's range of crop or height capacity.

Design Features: The system uses two to six 27" disks mounted on a rigid box-beam frame that sets the disks several feet behind the toolbar, usually straddling two to eight rows per set. Sensing signals control hydraulic movement of the tie-rod that connects the disks, turning them as long and as sharply as needed for alignment. Allow draft arms to move freely. Pivot-type stabilizing coulters work best on the cultivator. Designed for closed-center hydraulics; adaptable to open-center systems.

List price: $7,800
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