Agronomic Row Crops
Furrower/Wheel Guidance

Overview: Furrow-following guidance systems perform well in fields that are fairly flat and relatively residue- and rock-free. At planting or final tillage pass, a furrowing ripper forms a distinct trench shaped to securely guide a sharp-edged steel wheel or thin, ribbed rubber tire attached to the cultivator toolbar. Positioning the guide wheel at the end of the toolbar, creating firm furrow sides and running the guide wheel deeply are steps to maximize control. Use with sway blocks up or removed so that hitch arms swing freely.

Design Features: Guide-shoes or custom sweeps create a V-shaped furrow; steel wheels or flared boots smooth and firm furrow walls; single-rib or highway tires—depending on design—ride in the furrow to guide the tool.

List price: $1,720 to $2,090
Sources: 2, 11, 68, 73
Note: Electro-hydraulic systems also can use furrows by dragging special weights as sensing units.

diagram of a furrower
diagram of a wheel guidance