Agronomic Row Crops
High-Residue Rotary Hoe

Overview: Same operating principles as standard rotary hoe (previous entry), but works in fields with up to 60 percent residue as long as teeth still are able to penetrate into the soil surface. Optional knives and spacers help to cut residue and reduce plugging. (See below)

high residue rotary hoe

Design Features: Greater clearance for residue flow than standard hoe; built with more distance between front and rear wheels as well as between the toolbar and soil surface. Wheels are self-cleaning.

Model for comparison: 21', rigid-frame
Rec. PTO HP: 80 to 100 Speed: 5 to 15 mph List price: $5,700 to $6,330
Width range (all makers/all models): 15' to 41'

Sources: 18, 86
Farmers: Erisman, Thacker, Thompson