Agronomic Row Crops
Horizontal Disk Cultivator

crop height testing graph

Overview: In no-till or ridge-till fields where row middle soil is tight with roots, undercutting sweeps can cause slabbing of soil, leading to moisture loss and weed survival. Horizontal disks work in these conditions to uproot weeds, lift up the undercut soil then shatter it to knock soil from weed roots. Also work in loose or sandy soils. Moderate residue capacity.

diagram of a horizontal disk cultivator

Design Features: Self-sharpening disk blades (9" to 13") and round spindle covers spin freely to shed residue; 12" clearance fore-to-aft. Front two disks cut 1" deep close to the row and are canted slightly downward toward the row middle. The rear disk - usually set lower, at about 2" - cleans the middle and overlaps the front disks by 2" to 4".

Model for comparison: 15' rigid toolbar for six rows on 30" centers (6R30)
Rec. PTO HP: 60 to 70
4 to 8 mph
List price:
Custom-built; contact company
Width range (all makers/all models): 10' to 36'

Sources: 40