Agronomic Row Crops
Ridge/Mechanical Guidance

diagram of ridge:mechanical guidance system

Overview: This rugged, all-mechanical system keeps planters or cultivators in line whenever there is sufficient ridge height to guide its dual, rubber tire V-wheels (pictured, straddling ridge top) or metal Bell wheels (pushing against ridge sides). The ridge-following wheels swivel at their anchor point. As the tool's orientation to the ridge changes, the wheels shift an adjoining coulter that in turn guides the implement. Low yoke axle of V-wheels limits use to crops of 6" tall or less.

Design Features: Adjustments extend the system's use over many conditions, but the consistency of the ridge shape is critical to its effectiveness.

List price: Single set, $2,200 (6-row cultivator); double set, $4,295 (8 to 12 rows)
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