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April 24, 2024
2024 Rftf cover

“This project provided a 'first look' at how legume cover crops might function in our crop rotations," says Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agronomist Reagan Nolan, discussing his search for cover crop mixes that can help meet the challenges of farming in western Texas.

Nolan wanted to explore whether legume cover crops could be incorporated into crop rotations to improve soil health or produce supplemental forage. Using two Southern SARE On-Farm research grants, Nolan paired with four local farms to compare the performance of cowpea and sunn hemp mixes for the warm season. Mixes of Austrian winter peas and sweet clover were compared for the cool seasons.

While the research didn’t produce a one-size-fits-all recommendation, Noland is encouraged by the results. "The cover crop practices tested … demonstrate the potential to provide high-quality forages to supplement livestock production during critical periods."

SARE’s 2023/2024 Report from the Field, a biennial report, illustrates how Nolan and many other SARE grantees are conducting producer-driven research to find new innovations that sustain agriculture. Stories in Report from the Field that demonstrate how SARE grantees are improving the sustainability of U.S agriculture include: 

Download or order your free print copy of 2023/2024 Report from the Field at or by calling (301) 779–1007. 2023/2024 Report from the Field is available in quantity for free to educators for use in educational workshops, classes or tours.

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