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A man dumping apples from a create over the edge of a tractor into a hole in the ground

National SARE Food Loss and Waste Program Webinar

SARE Food Loss and Waste Program Manager Lisa Johnson will walk participants through the details of the Call for Proposal and answer participant questions related to the grant in a webinar taking place on Zoom on May 7 from 12 p.m. (NOON)- 1 p.m. EST.

2024 Rftf cover

Farmers and Ranchers Report Research Impacts

“This project provided a 'first look' at how legume cover crops might function in our crop rotations," says Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agronomist Reagan Nolan, discussing his search for cover crop mixes that can help meet the challenges of farming in western Texas. Nolan wanted to explore whether legume cover crops could be incorporated into […]

New Podcast Episode: "Chestnuts in Southeastern Ohio: A Cooperative Small Farm Effort"

Dive into the world of chestnut production in this episode of ATTRA’s Voices from the Field podcast. NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Tyler Jenkins talks with Michelle Ajamian, a network developer for the Appalachian Stable Foods Collaborative. Ajamian, based in southeastern Ohio, advocates for small-scale farming and discusses the challenges and triumphs of cultivating a chestnut […]

New Podcast Episode: "Edible Landscaping"

In this episode of ATTRA’s Voices from the Field podcast, NCAT Horticulture Specialist Guy Ames talks with Matthew Lebon about edible landscaping, or the practice of integrating edible plants into ornamental landscaping. Lebon is the visionary behind Custom Foodscaping in St. Louis, Mo. The two delve into the intricacies of shaping the land with food […]

New Podcast Episode: "Building Local Food Systems in Montana"

In this episode of ATTRA's Voices from the Field podcast, NCAT Local Food Systems Specialist Maura Henn speaks with Michal DeChellis of the Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO) in Montana. Their conversation focuses on building resilient community food webs and connecting communities to local food solutions. DeChellis is AERO’s program manager for the Montana Food […]

a man poses with a hoe in front of his urban farm

New SARE Bulletin: Best Practices for the Sustainable Urban Farm

For decades, urban farms and community gardens have helped meet demand for fresh and local produce. Urban farming creatively utilizes limited space, conserves land and transforms vacant lots or buildings into productive greenspaces. Farming in cities can be a rewarding way for communities to grow healthy food while receiving a wide range of other interrelated environmental, […]