Founded in 1988, USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) is a farmer-driven research and knowledge-sharing program that encourages farmers, ranchers, educators and researchers who are passionate about innovating to experiment and make growing food more rewarding for themselves, the environment and their communities. 30 Years of SARE: Our Farms, Our Future tells the story of thousands of men and women who have led SARE and received SARE grants. They have one objective in common: making American agriculture stronger, more sustainable and better equipped to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Read more about SARE's investment in the following areas:

  • Building soil health with cover crops and other strategies
  • The ecology and economics of grazing for beef and dairy
  • Water challenges for the coming decades
  • The social components of sustainable agriculture
  • Integrated approaches for managing crop pests
  • Pollinators, wildlife and biodiversity on farms
  • Surviving and thriving with vegetable and fruit production
  • Sustainable communities through local foods and marketing
  • A summary of SARE funding by region, 1988-2017