The results of many recent pest management studies, which demonstrate the positive impacts of plant diversification on populations of beneficial insects in agricultural systems, are included in the table below. Use this table to determine the intercrops and related management mechanisms that will mitigate specific pests plaguing your crops. See Key References for literature reviews and additional citations to these studies.

CropIntercropPest(s) ReducedMechanisms
Apple Phacelia sp., Eryngium sp.San Jose scale, aphidParasitic wasps, weedy ground cover,
tent caterpillar, codling moth
BarleyAlfalfa, red cloverAphidPredators
BeanGoosegrass, red strangletopLeafhopperChemical repellent, Brassicas, candytuft,
shepherd's purse, wormseed mustard, flea beetle, chemical repellent
Similar-sized cropsRootfly, cabbage butterfly and mothChemical repellent, predators
Brussels SproutWeedy ground coverImported cabbage butterflyPredators
French beans, grassesAphidPhysical interference
White cloverCabbage root fly, aphid, white cabbage butterflyVisual masking
CloverAphidPhysical interference
CabbageTomatoDiamondback mothUncertain
HawthornDiamondback mothAttract pest to alternative plant
Red and white cloverCabbage aphid, imported cabbage butterflyPhysical interference, predators
CloverCabbage root flyPredators
Green ground coverImported cabbage butterflyVisual masking
CarrotsOnionCarrot flyChemical repellent
CaliflowerCorn spurryCabbage looper, flea beetle, aphidPredators
LambsquartersImported cabbage butterflyPredators
White or red cloverCabbage aphid, imported butterflyPhysical interference, predators
CollardsTomato, ragweedFlea beetleChemical repellent
Pigweed, lambsquartersGreen peach aphidPredators
Weedy ground coverCabbage aphidParasitic wasps
Weedy ground cover with wild mustardsFlea beetlePredators
Tomato, tobaccoFlea beetleChemical repellent
Weedy ground coverFlea beetle, cabbage butterflyUncertain
Weedy ground coverFlea beetleVisual masking
CornWild parsnip, wild mustard, chickweed, shepherd's purse, and lady's thumb smartweedBlack cutwormParasitic wasps
PigweedFall armywormUncertain
Giant ragweedEuropean corn borerParasitic wasps
Sweet potatoLeaf beetleAttract pest to alternative plant
BeansLeafhoppers, leaf beetle, fall armywormPhysical interference, predators
Beans, weedsFall armywormPredators
Pigweed, Mexican tea, goldenrod, beggertickFall armywormPredators
PeanutCorn borerPhysical interference
CloverCorn borerPhysical interference
Cow pea SorghumLeaf beatleChemical repellent
CucumberCorn, broccoliStriped cucumber beetlePhysical interference
CrucifersWild mustardCabbagewormParasitic wasps
Fruit treesRye, wheat, sorghum used as mulchEuropean red mitePredators
Alder, brambleRed spider mitePredators
GrapesWild blackberryGrape leafhopperParasitic wasps
JohnsongrassPacific mitePredators
Sudangrass, johnsongrassWillamette mitePredators
Kale, closely plantedAphidVisual masking
KaleWeedy ground coverBeanflyPhysical interference
Mung beansNew Zealand white cloverFruit flyPhysical interference
OatsCarrotsThripsVisual masking
OnionsRagweedOriental fruit mothParasitic wasps
PeachStrawberryOriental fruit mothPredators
Ragweed, smartweed, lambsquarters, goldenrodOriental fruit mothUncertain
RadishBroccoliGolden peach aphidParasitic wasps
SoybeanCorn, weed coverCorn earwormParasitic wasps
SiklepodVelvet bean caterpillar, green stink bugUncertain
Desmodium sp., Croton sp., Cassia sp.Corn earwormParasitic wasps
Barley, wheatMonitored only predators of soybean pestsPredators
RyeSeedcorn maggotPhysical interference
SquashCornCucumber beetlePhysical interference
Corn, cow peaWestern flower thripsPredators
Sugar beetManurePests preyed upon by predatory ground beetlesPredators
BroccoliGreen peach aphidParasitic wasps
Sweet potatoMorning gloryArgus tortoise beetleParasitic wasps
Tamarack treesWhite spruce and shrubsSawflyChemical repellent
TomatoCabbageFlea beetleChemical repellent
TurnipDutch white cloverCabbage root maggotChemical repellent
VegetablesWild carrotJapanese beetleParasitic wasps
WalnutWeedy ground coverWalnut aphidParasitic wasps