SARE Outreach Hires New Technical Review Specialist

March 14, 2018
Jermaine Hinds

SARE Outreach is excited to welcome Jermaine Hinds to the team as our new Technical Review Specialist. Jermaine is excited to support SARE in our mission of producing accessible educational tools for diverse agricultural audiences. His primary responsibilities will include evaluating recent SARE-funded projects and translating their results into practical, how-to information for educational and agricultural applications.

Jermaine joins the College Park, Md., team from the Pennsylvania State University, where he recently completed his PhD in entomology. Much of his research emphasized sustainable insect pest management through the implementation of flowering plant borders. This approach supported locally available beneficial insects for enhanced pest suppression on farm. Funding from SARE’s Graduate Student Grant program was integral to his success as a graduate student. A 2014 grant allowed him an avenue to further expand his research interests as well as gain access to professional development opportunities (The role of cover crop diversity on key generalist predator attraction and pest suppression, GNE14-081).

Jermaine has a M.S. in entomology and a B.S. in general biology from the University of Maryland, College Park. In his free time Jermaine enjoys cooking, gaming, travelling and attending concerts.

Jermaine Hinds
Technical Review Specialist
(301) 405-3189

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