SARE Logos

SARE Logos

SARE Logos

The logos on this page may be downloaded and used copyright free, but please review the appropriate guidelines before using any images.

SARE Logos

Before downloading any logos, please familiarize yourself with these usage guidelines:

SARE has seven logos to choose from: three variations of the national logo and one variation for each of the four SARE regions. Logos are available in a variety of file formats. To find the right format, first click on the image you would like to download:

National Logo: Southern SARE Logo: Northeast SARE Logo:
North Central SARE Logo:
Western SARE

The SARE Map

Visually, SARE's map is the best way for people to understand SARE is both its parts and the sum of its parts.

The map is available in a color palette we have used previously and in a black and white vector format that designers can customize.

Click on the map to see download options:

The USDA Logo and NIFA Identifier

SARE is funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), an agency of the USDA.

Visit the USDA Office of Communications to learn more about using the USDA logo.

Guidelines for downloading and using the official NIFA identifier.

Find recorded broadcasts, speaker presentations and formal outcomes (when available) from the National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health, held Feb. 17-19 in Omaha, Neb. more


National Media Contacts

For national-level media inquiries, please contact:

Andy Zieminski
Content Coordinator
(510) 680-5030

For local or regional inquiries, click here.