Be very specific when pricing distribution costs.
Be very specific when pricing distribution costs.

When it comes to transportation, every situation is different. Retail distributors (who wholesale to stores) charge about a 35-percent markup. Restaurant distributors charge about 8 percent. Most other trucking firms charge by weight.

Don’t be afraid to dicker over your price or percent with truckers or distributors. They are very supply-and-demand oriented. Being a small customer, you probably won’t have the clout to push your weight around, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

With any kind of trucking be very specific:

  • Frequency per week, day, month
  • Pick up times
  • Delivery times
  • Who loads and unloads
  • Who signs for pick-ups
  • Who signs for delivery
  • Pallet sizes
  • Minimum weights
  • Additional costs for unscheduled runs
  • Other fees: pallet, lading (freight/cargo)