General Information

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. National grantmaking program to advance farming systems that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities. Currently funding sustainable energy projects. Visit the SARE WebStore or call (301) 374-9696 for print copies of publications.

Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory (DOE-NREL). Renewable energy and energy efficiency information for farmers and ranchers.

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Conservation planning and technical assistance to landowners to conserve natural resources, with increasing focus on energy conservation and efficiency.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA). Publications on all aspects of on-farm energy use and production. Visit online or call (800) 346-9140 (English) and (800) 411-3222 (Spanish) for print copies of publications.

Environmental Law and Policy Center. Energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities for farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (DOE-EERE). Access to hundreds of renewable energy and efficiency websites and documents.

Machinery and Equipment

Calculate air conditioning, heating and utility costs and potential savings. Western Area Power Administration Energy Services Team.

Plate coolers, variable frequency drives and other on-farm, energy-saving measures. Center for Ecological Technology.

Building Efficiency

Energy Estimator for Animal Housing. Online tool to estimate energy costs and savings for lighting, ventilation, heating, air circulation, milk cooling and water heating. NRCS.

Energy Audits

Sample energy audits of Maryland dairy and poultry farms. EnSave.

Professional or do-it-yourself home energy audits. EERE.

Do-it-yourself online energy efficiency calculator. Alliant Energy. Visit, then enter calculator in the search box.

Food Miles

Links and publications on reducing food miles through community supported agriculture, farmers markets, direct marketing, etc. ATTRA.

Diversified Cropping Systems

Diversifying Cropping Systems. A bulletin on agronomic crop alternatives. SARE.

Energy Estimator for Nitrogen. Online tool to calculate nitrogen savings based on fertilizer type, costs, timing and placement. NRCS.

Water Savings

Energy Estimator for Water. Online tool to estimate energy savings using different irrigation methods. NRCS.

Smart Water Use on Your Farm or Ranch. A bulletin on sustainable water use. SARE.

Diversified Animal Operations

Grazing Systems Planning Guide. A comprehensive guide to grazing. University of Minnesota Extension.

Rangeland Management Strategies. A bulletin on creating and sustaining a healthy range. SARE.

Reduced Tillage

Interactive no-till web page for farmers. New Farm/Rodale Institute.

Energy Estimator for Tillage. Online tool to estimate diesel fuel use and costs for key crops. Compares energy savings between conventional and alternative tillage systems. NRCS.

Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration

Resources for farmers to make practical and profitable decisions regarding climate change.

Climate Friendly Farming project. Washington State University.


Calculate local wind speeds. The Iowa Energy Center and The Wind Energy Resource Atlas, then click on wind resource information.

Government incentives and other information on small wind systems. The American Wind Energy Association.

Wind maps and resources, online calculator to evaluate wind projects and determine feasibility of small wind systems. EERE.


Basic information on small photovoltaic systems for homes and farms, and tools to estimate local solar resources. DOE-NREL.

Information on solar-powered livestock watering systems, greenhouses and renewable energy on the farm. ATTRA.

Animal Digesters

Anaerobic Digestion of Animal Wastes: Factors to Consider. Introductory publication on digesters. ATTRA.

Farm-based Anaerobic Digesters: Potential Benefits and Types. Michigan State University Extension.

Information on biogas recovery to reduce methane emissions from livestock operations. AgSTAR.


Biodiesel: A Primer; Biodiesel: The Sustainability Dimensions; Biodiesel Production for On-Farm Use: A Curriculum for Agricultural Producers. ATTRA.

Comprehensive information on biodiesel. The National Biodiesel Board.


Alcohol Can Be A Gas. Comprehensive book on sustainable ethanol production. International Institute for Ecological Agriculture.

Ethanol Opportunities and Questions. Uses and benefits of ethanol. Includes suggestions for further reading on corn and cellulosic ethanol. ATTRA.

Information on economics and energy balance of biofuels. USDA.

Grass Pellets

Research and equipment from REAP Canada:, then click on bioenergy and climate change.

Sustainable Biofuel Production

Biofuel library and information on making your own biodiesel. Journey to Forever.

Articles on sustainable approaches to ethanol and biofuel production. The Institute for Self-Reliance.

Bioenergy, Climate Protection, Oil Reduction. Newsletter of current information on biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute.

Alliance to build sustainable biodiesel practices, including harvesting, production and distribution. The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

Future Feedstocks

Switchgrass as a Bioenergy Crop. Switchgrass as a cellulose-to-ethanol and direct-combustion feedstock. ATTRA.

Up-to-date research findings on biomass feedstocks and conversion technologies. EERE.

The Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network (BFIN).

Research-based site on biomass resources for bioenergy and bioproducts. The Sun Grant Initiative.

Financial Resources

Energy-related equipment, funding and technical assistance by state. ATTRA.

State-by-state listing of state, local, utility and federal incentives, tax credits, local audits, net metering regulations and available rebates. North Carolina Solar Center.

Grants and loan guarantees to assist agricultural producers with purchasing renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements. USDA-Rural Development.