With knowledge of the pests and beneficials that inhabit your farm, think of ways you can add plant diversity to the system both across the farm and throughout the seasons. Adding a new crop or cover crop to the rotation can help break up the life cycles of soil-borne diseases, pest insects and weeds. However, be mindful not to follow a crop or cover crop with another from the same plant family (e.g., follow a legume with a legume), as this can make pest problems worse. For ideas about how to choose and integrate new crops into a rotation, explore SARE’s Crop Rotation on Organic Farms. The SARE book Managing Cover Crops Profitably features in-depth profiles of common cover crop species and can help you think through appropriate cover crops to use. Or visit Cover Crops for Sustainable Crop Rotations to explore resources on the multifaceted benefits cover crops provide to your farm.