Our Farms, Our Future Podcast: Nourishing Communities

December 20, 2018
Hannah Smith-Brubaker and Jim Freeburn
Hannah Smith-Brubaker and Jim Freeburn

Sustainable agriculture is a way of life for rancher Jim Freeburn and farmer Hannah Smith-Brubaker. On this episode of SARE's Our Farms, Our Future podcast they talk about what sustainable agriculture means to them and the impact it has on local communities and economies.

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Freeburn, who ranches in Wyoming, stresses the importance of conserving productive land and natural resources to help rural communities flourish. "If we're going to continue to feed the world, we've got to save that good land and conserve those resources for future generations," says Freeburn.

Smith-Brubaker, who farms in Pennsylvania, embraces sustainable production and marketing practices that prioritize systemic financial, environmental and social outcomes. “It’s important to our families, it's important to our communities, and honestly to our future,” says Smith-Brubaker. "Knowing that our neighbors are being nourished by what grows off of our farm, I can think of almost nothing more important."

The Our Farms, Our Future podcast was created to bring people together for important conversations about our food system, and to share the knowledge of agricultural professionals with a wider audience. Each episode features two members of the sustainable agriculture community in conversations about their successes, challenges, fears, hopes, lessons learned and projects to come.


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