Our Farms Our Future Podcast: Making a Difference–Teaching Sustainability

August 24, 2018
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Ma and Jacobsen

Xiaochi (Max) Ma and Krista Jacobsen

This week’s episode of SARE’s Our Farms, Our Future podcast series features University of Kentucky professor and agroecologist Krista Jacobsen and Xiaochi (Max) Ma, a Washington State University graduate student, who share techniques for teaching undergraduates about emerging sustainable practices and their critical environmental impact.

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Ma and Jacobsen discuss how educators who translate the latest research into practical terms can have a lasting impact on students. Every day, Jacobsen sees the effect of her teaching, and she values her role as an educator to inspire students and open doors to sustainable agriculture. In Ma’s view, teaching how research-based sustainable practices are used in the field can help people work together to address global issues. “I hope to build strong connections among farmers in different countries,” he says.

The pair also talks about farming in the United States and China, and examines the future of irrigation and nutrient management practices.

The Our Farms, Our Future Podcast was created to bring people together for important conversations, and to share the knowledge of agricultural professionals with a wider audience. Each episode features two members of the sustainable agriculture community in conversations about success, hardship, fears and hopes, lessons learned and projects to come.

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