Our Farms, Our Future Podcast: Finding a Catalyst for Change in Agriculture

February 1, 2019
Sami Tellatin and Elizabeth Reaves

Catapulting the sustainable agriculture movement into the mainstream takes more than telling corporations, communities and producers that being sustainable is the right thing to do. It requires demonstrating how sustainable practices can be scaled to improve the resilience and profitability of agriculture as a whole. On the latest episode of SARE’s Our Farms, Our Future podcast, Sami Tellatin, who works with SARE on research projects, speaks with Elizabeth Reaves, the senior program director of the Sustainable Food Lab, about communication strategies that support producers, landowners and corporations in their adoption of sustainable practices. 

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“Sustainable agriculture needs to get to scale through the mainstream,” says Reaves, who thinks supporting incentives and decision-making for corporations with large environmental footprints makes “a dent at that larger level while pulling our local food systems along at the same time.” Both Reaves and Tellatin agree: changing practices does not happen overnight, but communicating how a sustainable practice nourishes the land and affects an operation’s bottom line might be a convincing strategy.

The Our Farms, Our Future podcast was created to bring people together for important conversations about our food system, and to share the knowledge of agricultural professionals with a wider audience. Each episode features two members of the sustainable agriculture community in conversations about their successes, challenges, fears, hopes, lessons learned and projects to come.

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