Our Farms, Our Future Podcast: Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide

February 15, 2019
Becca Jablonski and Charlie Jackson

The latest episode of SARE’s Our Farms, Our Future podcast features Becca Jablonski, assistant professor and food systems extension economist at Colorado State University, speaking with Charlie Jackson, the executive director of the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) in North Carolina, about diverse market channels and the impacts of interactions between farmers and consumers within local food systems.

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“There’s this interaction that takes place at the market. How does that actually impact what goes back into a rural community and support rural economic development?” asks Jablonski. Both Jablonski and Jackson are interested in understanding these exchanges to better leverage the assets in our communities that help the food chain work better for everyone. “It’s not just about the dollars,” says Jackson. “There’s a different kind of conversation occurring . . . the act of localizing food is influencing the way farmers grow food.”

The Our Farms, Our Future podcast was created to bring people together for important conversations about our food system, and to share the knowledge of agricultural professionals with a wider audience. Each episode features two members of the sustainable agriculture community in conversations about their successes, challenges, fears, hopes, lessons learned and projects to come.

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