The New Farmers' Market 2nd Edition

2nd Edition: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities

Vance Corum, Marcie Rosenzweig, Eric Gibson | 2015 | 296 pages

New Farmers' Market Cover

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This marketing guide is designed for growers interested in selling their farm or market garden products through farmers' markets, as well as for market managers and city planners in starting, managing, and promoting a market. The book is also invaluable for community activists in educating the public about local food and agriculture, and helping farmers' markets build vital communities surrounded by a thriving rural economy. The 2nd Edition, in addition to being extensively revised to keep up with the changes in farmers’ markets, includes new chapters on how farmers and farmers' markets are utilizing social media and internet marketing. Yet another new chapter highlights how farmers' markets have become the vanguard of the alternative food movement, and what farmers need to know about the issues involved.

The New Farmers’ Market was first published in 2001, when there were 3,000 farmers’ markets in the U.S.; today, the number is 8,000 and growing. Farmers’ markets have become a major commercial avenue for farmers to make a living, and for communities to serve as a vital economic, social and cultural focal point.