New Video: Improving Soil Through Cover Crops

December 21, 2018

Like many farmers, Jeff Frey sees the soil as his livelihood, so he does what he can to protect and improve this vital resource beneath his feet. "I remember one afternoon we had a thunderstorm that washed mud out into the road and I could actually see some of my freshly planted soybeans in with the mud," says Frey, who raises grains on 700 acres in Lancaster County, Penn. "I've been no-tilling for a long time but at that point I knew that what I was doing was not adequate."

In this new video, see how this experience prompted Frey to begin planting cover crops and how, after seeing the benefits, he partnered with a Penn State professor on a SARE-funded project to convince other farmers they should do the same.

Dig Deeper into Cover Crops

Visit the online Cover Crops Topic Room for practical information on adding cover crops to a farming operation, including selection and management, establishment, using them in rotations and in no-till systems, and more.

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