New Video: Bringing Independent Farmers into the Marketplace

January 17, 2019

Access to profitable retail and wholesale markets is a challenge for small- to mid-scale family farmers. “The days of showing up with your cantaloupes in the back of the pickup are no longer a way to make a living,” says Diana Endicott of Kansas City, Mo. “So you have to be willing to make a change.” A SARE grant helped Endicott and other area farmers launch a marketing cooperative that secured access for their all-natural beef products in 19 local supermarkets. A second SARE grant explored consumer demand for natural beef at the retail level, contributing to a 33 percent increase in sales.

In this new video, learn how Good Natured Family Farms (GNFF) has grown into a network of more than 100 farms that sells a range of products through 30 area supermarkets and which generated $4.5 million in sales in 2015.

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