Production Systems Search Terms

The following is a list of production systems terms used to index Resources and Learning searches.

Agroecosystems: A system where communities of plants, microbes and animals inhabiting farmed land, pastures, grasslands or rangelands, interact with each other and their physical environment.

Aquaponics: A system combining aquaculture with hydroponics in which aquatic animals and hydroponically-grown plants are cultivated together.

Dryland Farming: A system of producing crops in semiarid regions (usually with less than 20 inches of annual rainfall) without the use of irrigation. Frequently, part of the land will lie fallow in alternate years to conserve moisture.

Holistic Management: A whole-farm system that incorporates financial planning, grazing planning, land planning and biological monitoring.

Hydroponics: The growing of plants in a soilless environment where nutrients are provided by the application of nutrient solutions.

Integrated Crop and Livestock Systems: The production of crops and livestock in a coordinated system, where the waste products from one side are used as resource in the other.

Organic Agriculture: The production system as defined by the USDA National Organic Program.

Organic Certification: For materials that discuss the process of receiving organic certification.

Permaculture: A system that develops agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.

Transitioning to Organic: The process of switching from conventional to certified organic production.