SARE Outreach Steering Committee

The SARE Outreach Steering Committee provides input on all aspects of SARE's national outreach efforts, including budget development, publication topics, outreach priorities and long-range planning. Committee members are drawn from around the country to represent the diversity of U.S. agriculture.

SARE Operations Committee Representatives

  • SARE Regional Coordinator Representative - Clayton Marlow Western SARE
  • SARE Regional Professional Development Program Coordinator Representative - David Redhage, Southern SARE

1890 Land Grant Institution Liaison

  • Dr. Franklin Quarcoo, Tuskegee University

Administrative Council Representatives

  • North Central SARE - Stephanie Singer, The Nature Conservancy
  • Northeast SARE - Ashley Madea, Ecocert USA
  • Southern SARE - Patrick Lillard, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
  • Western SARE - Bryce Wrigley, Alaska Flour Company

At-Large Members

  • North Central Region - Jennifer Falck, Menominee Nation
  • Northeast Region - Rodney Brooks, Farm Service Agency
  • Southern Region - Rebekah Sánchez, Plenitud PR
  • Western Region - Rex Dufour, NCAT/ATTRA

SARE Regional Communications Specialists

  • North Central Region - Marie Flanagan
  • Northeast Region - Vander Gac
  • Southern Region - Dara Cooper
  • Western Region - Stacie Clary