Sustainability in 180 Seconds

Today’s scientists are challenged to not only competently conduct their research, but to effectively explain their work to a broad audience. Our “Sustainability in 180 Seconds” presentations gave SARE graduate student grant recipients an opportunity to do exactly that. Eleven students from our four SARE regions shared information about their SARE projects and explained its importance—using one slide, no props, and 180 seconds!

To learn more about the event and each students’ work, reference the PDF program of the event.

Presenters: Moriah Bilenky, Anthony Stephen Dimeglio, Julie Fine, Waana Kaluwasha, Nikola Kochendoerfer, Xiaochi Ma, Muhammed Shafeekh Muyyarikkandy, Andrea Rissing, Hannah Rivedal, Casey Spackman, Qi Zhou