Season Extension: An Overview

Season Extension: An Overview

Season Extension: An Overview

High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques

Don't know a hoop house from a greenhouse? Learn the basic ABCs of season extension. For more specific information on season extension, click on one of the subtopics in the box to the right. Also, overview information is available in these specialized subtopics:

High TunnelsNurseries

Season Extension: An Overview: High Tunnels

High Tunnels


This manual on using high tunnels or hoop houses for season extension includes case studies, a supplier list and chapters on marketing, site selection, construction and types, and soil, pest and environmental management.

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High Tunnel Winter Cropping Systems


This audio/slideshow presentation by Lewis Jett, West Virginia Extension Service, is on the use of high tunnels for winter crop production, including design, temperature management, bed preparation, crop selection and seeding.

Kansas State High Tunnel Video Series


This video series was developed by Kansas State Research and Extension, and includes segments on the following topics related to commercial high tunnel or hoop house production:

Overview | Design | What to Plant | Basic Management Considerations | Intensive Management | Resources

NOFA-VT tunnel tours


Join Linda Prim (NOFA-VT fruit and technical assistance advisor) and Chris Callahan (UVM Extension agricultural engineer) for a series of on-farm workshops highlighting the ways that Vermont farmers at various scales are using commercial high tunnels, hoop houses and greenhouses for season extension vegetable production.

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Season Extension: An Overview: Nurseries

Moving Nursery Producers Toward Sustainable Practices Fact Sheets


These fact sheets discuss alternative containers, marketing and crop selection, alternatives to synthetic herbicides and integrated pest management in commercial nursery plant production.

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Additional Resources

The following resources, which were not funded or produced by SARE, contain valuable information.

General information and resources from

Hoophouse Farming Startup: Economics, Efforts and Experiences from 12 Novice Hoophouse Farmers (a University of Michigan Extension bulletin)

Hoop Houses for Extending Your Growing Season (an NCAT webinar)

Hoop House How-To (a website of The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture)

Iowa High Tunnel Fruit and Vegetable Production Manual (a 95-page workbook published by Iowa State University)

Minnesota High Tunnel Production Manual for Commercial Growers (a 179-page manual published by the University of Minnesota)

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Availability varies by resource (many are accessible for free online). See individual resources for more information.


2013 Tour of Vermont High Tunnels


Join University of Vermont Extension and NOFA-Vermont for a series of on-farm workshops highlighting the ways that Vermont farmers at various scales are using high tunnels and greenhouses to improve their farm operations.