Local Food: Marketing and Markets

Local Food: Marketing and Markets

Local Food: Marketing and Markets

Farm to Table: Building Local and Regional Food Systems

Knowing your customer base and how to appeal to them is crucial to being a successful and sustainable small business. Get help with marketing strategies from the following resources.

Agritourism | Community Outreach | Market Planning | Niche Products

Local Food: Markets and Marketing: Agritourism

Agritourism Training Materials


This curriculum was designed to provide detailed training resources for agricultural professionals and farmers interested in expanding their income sources and entering the agritourism industry. 

Farm Stay U.S. Website


This farmer-created, consumer-oriented website lists hundreds of farms and ranches around the country that offer accommodations.

Northeast Agritourism Collaboration


This website provides resources for producers interested in entering the agritourism business. 

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Local Food: Markets and Marketing: Community Outreach

Cheshire Labor and Infrastructure Needs Assessment


Research in Cheshire County, NH to determine how to promote the economic viability of local farmers.

Download File (763.26 kB)

Community-Based Food System Assessment and Planning


This guide was created to help communities conduct their own food system assessment and provide them with guidance on planning the development of a local food system.

Download File (4.83 MB)

Creating Change in the Food System: The Role of Regional Food Networks in Iowa


Case study of an effort to build local and regional food commerce using a community of practice.

Download File (1.91 MB)

Farm to Fork in North Carolina


This guide provides key action ideas for building a sustainable food economy in North Carolina.

Download File (5.44 MB)

Metropolitan Foodshed Toolkit


A toolkit of strategies to support the evolution of a sustainable Portland Metropolitan Foodshed.

Download File (3.70 MB)

Mount Pleasant Local Food and Farm Assessment


An assessment of the needs and opportunities associated with developing a regional food system. 

Download File (476.96 kB)

Sustainable Food Purchasing Guide


This guide was written to help institutions determine how to source more sustainable food options.

Download File (294.47 kB)

Sustainable Food Systems for Georgia’s Agrarian Future


This report analyzes the need for food hubs in Georgia to help facilitate a regional food system.

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Additional Resources

The following resources, which were not funded or produced by SARE, contain valuable information.

The City Food Sector Scan (a suite of urban planning and investment resources by the Wallace Center)

Community Food System Resources (SAREP's Bibliography on local and regional food systems)

Revitalizing Community-Based Food Systems (AGree Recommendations)

Southeast Minnesota Foodshed Analysis (a University of Minnesota webinar)

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Local Food: Markets and Marketing: Market Planning

Direct Marketing for Farmers and Ranchers


The Imperial Stock Ranch increased profits by using direct, value-added marketing of wool products.

Food for Profit On-line Training Course


Training for future entrepreneurs on planning a feasible, marketable and profitable food business.

A Guide for Hawai’i’s Farmers


This guide was developed to assist new farmers in tropical small-island settings.

Download File (422.53 kB)

How to Direct Market Your Beef


How to Direct Market Your Beef portrays how one couple used its family’s ranch to launch a profitable, grass-based beef operation focused on direct market sales.

Download File (1.92 MB)

Livestock Enterprise Comparative Decision Support Toolkit


Guides ranchers through entry level decision-making about small scale livestock enterprises.  

Livestock Marketing Channel Assessment Tool


This tool provides livestock producers with a way to identify the most profitable marketing channels.

Download File (90.16 kB)

Marketing for Profit Webinar Series


Webinar participants will learn the skills necessary to complete a business and marketing plan for their farm business. 

Marketing On-Farm Compost


This resource includes best practices for quality compost, and information on compost markets.

Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers


This bulletin offers snapshots of alternatives to marketing commodities through conventional channels.

Download File (1.41 MB)

MarketReady Educational Resources


MarketReady prepares food producers to sell directly to consumers and wholesale buyers. 

University of Nebraska SARE Agri-Marketing Website


This is a web toolbox to support the SARE AgriMarketing Professional Development Program.  

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Local Food: Markets and Marketing: Niche Products

Organic Broccoli Production Manual


Steps that farmers took to scale up organic broccoli production to meet local wholesale demand. 

Download File (152.68 kB)


Growing Grapes in Hawaii


The basis for this project was to show that grapes could again become a viable crop for Hawaii growers at low elevations. This addition of a crop, in demand by chefs, could greatly contribute to small farm sustainability.The history and horticultural needs are outlined in this extension publication, as are basic marketing needs and nutritional information.

Download File (5.83 MB)

Production and Marketing of Beach Plum, a Heritage Fruit Crop


Beach plum (Prunus maritima Marsh) is one of several shrubby plums native to North America. The jams produced from this fruit command premium prices at farm stands and specialty markets, even in comparison with jam made from other locally grown fruit. However, the wild-collected supply of fruit does not meet this niche market’s demand.

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Direct Marketing for Farmers and Ranchers


The Imperial Stock Ranch, which began in 1871, faces a new and serious challenge to its very survival: how to create new markets for its products to compensate for longstanding existing markets that have declined or shifted overseas. Their solution? Direct, value-added marketing to yarn retailers and apparel designers.

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Interested in using high tunnels and other season extension techniques to increase local food sales?

Check out the High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques Topic Room.