Local Food: Food Safety

Local Food: Food Safety

Local Food: Food Safety

Farm to Table: Building Local and Regional Food Systems

Farmers, processors and aggregation and distribution facilities need to stay up-to-date with new rules and regulations on food safety. Take a look at the links below for information on how to stay compliant with food safety regulations.

Farm Food Safety


This website provides educational resources for farmers interested in learning about GAPs. Some materials available in Spanish.

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Good Agricultural Practices


Fact sheets from North Carolina State University on GAP certification and insurance coverage options for vegetable producers.

Good Agricultural Practices


This guide from North Carolina State University provides growers with a framework for them to develop their own food safety plans.

Good Agricultural Practices Program for New Mexico


This website includes workshop/training and educational information on GAPs.

Mobile Poultry Processing Unit Farm and Food Safety Management Guide


Food safety information for mobile poultry processing units or stationary on-farm facilities.

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Organic Horticulture Training for the Southeast


An interactive website to help ag professionals develop successful organic education programs.


Understanding Food Safety


This document lays out permitting requirements and safe food handling practices at farmers markets.

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Video Series: Efficient and Safe Food Handling Processes


Low-cost techniques that help farms reduce labor needs and expenses during harvest, wash and pack. 

Working With Your Food Safety Inspector


How food safety inspectors and small scale processors can work together to meet regulations. 

Additional Resources

The following resources, which were not funded or produced by SARE, contain valuable information.

A Farmer's Guide to Food Safety and Conservation (Facts and tips from the Wild Farm Alliance)

FDA Produce Safety Standards

Grading, Certification and Verification (USDA-AMS information on fresh fruit and vegetable audit programs) 

National Good Agricultural Practices Program (Cornell University)

On-Farm Food Safety Project (Create a customized food safety plan at FamilyFarmed.org)

Produce Safety Alliance (Updates, opportunities and research on food safety from Cornell University)

Small and Very Small Plant Outreach (compliance assistance and educational materials for meat, poultry and egg processing plants by USDA-FSIS)

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Efficient and Safe Food Handling Practices, Part 1: Preharvest Preparations


This eight-part video series includes simple, low-cost techniques that help farms reduce labor needs and expenses during harvest, wash and pack.

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