Agronomic Row Crops
Spike-Tooth Harrow

Crop, weed ranges similar to flex-tine weeder.

Overview: Pointed metal spikes stir soil to a depth of 1" to 1.5". For weeding, works much like a rotary hoe or flex-tine harrow (See 'Harrows and hoes to the rescue,' below.) Used widely for seedbed preparation.

spike tooth harrow

Design Features: The high-carbon steel spikes (0.5" or 0.62" square, about 8" long) are set to run corner-forward as a diamond, and are bolted into 'bars' of round pipe or square tubes. Five to nine bars in sequence pull about 10 teeth per running foot through the soil. Some units are reversible: one direction sets teeth nearly vertical for cultivating and deeper penetration, the other direction lays the teeth almost flat for a leveling action. Other units have a handle for adjusting the angle from 10 to 85 degrees.

Model for comparison: 33' trailer type, flexing bar brackets
Rec. PTO HP: 80
5 to 10 mph
List price:
$4,680 to $5,200
Width range (all makers/all models): 4' to 76''

Sources: 31 (spreading-action tine), 33, 44, 45, 56, 64
Farmers: Erisman, Spray