Agronomic Row Crops
Cultivator Components

1. Depth-band coulter cuts residue and provides depth control. Combination is lighter than a gauge wheel and a coulter, but limits coulter penetration in heavy residue.
Source: 37

diagram of a depth-band coulter

2A, 2B. Guess-row sweep, bolted to an outside shank, lowers hydraulically by remote manual control. Extends sweep coverage across over-wide row middles. Weld on as much sweep as needed.
Source: 71

diagram of a guess-row sweep

3. Disk hillers (barring-off disks) can peel weeds away from small crop plants, especially on the sides of ridges, or push soil back into the row to cover weeds. Disks clear residue ahead of in-row tools. Caution: In later cultivations, disks can prune crop roots if run too deeply or too close to the row.
Sources: widely available
See: Bennett, Chambers, Erisman, Foster, Hattaway, Kenagy, McKaskle, Muller, Thacker, Thompson

diagram of disk hillers (barring off disks)

4. Lift-assist wheels use at least one hydraulic cylinder to help the tractor's 3-point hitch hydraulics to raise and transport a rear-mounted implement. Two wheels provide desirable stability.
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diagram of lift-assist wheels