bearing protector and residue knife

Agronomic Row Crops
Rotary Hoe Accessories

Bearing Protector and Residue-Knife Kit
Overview: An insert extends the wheel axle, moving each wheel closer to the adjoining arm where two stationary sickle-bar mower blades shred residue brought up by wheels.
Design Features: Allows hoeing in heavier residue.
Price: $25 per wheel unit.
Source: 21, 36

replacement tooth

Replacement Tooth Tips
Overview: Weld-on 'spoons' restore aggressive soil penetration after original teeth wear down.
Design Features: Rolled steel: 0.75" wide, 0.12" thick, and 2.37" long. Weld freehand or with jigs.
Price: $1.75 per spoon ($28 per wheel). Production welding jig, $100.
Source: 86, 87
Farmer: Spray

extender arms from an agricultural tool

Extender Arms (for Deere Rotary Hoes)
Overview: Doubles rocker-arm length to improve residue flow, allowing operation in heavier residue.
Design Features: Sets wheels so that wheels self-clean.
Price: $14.56 per arm.
Source: 21, 86