A sample contract is included for download [PDF]. A number of key points should be specified in a written contract between the beekeeper and grower, including:

  • Rental fee and date payable
  • Dates when the bees should be moved in and out of the crop
  • Colony distribution within the crop and vehicle accessibility
  • Strength of bee colonies (numbers of frames of bees and brood)
  • Whether the colonies will be inspected for strength, by whom, and at whose expense
  • Grower and/or pesticide applicator assurance to not use pesticides toxic to bees (see Appendix D)
  • Grower agreement to notify beekeeper about other pesticide spraying in area
  • Possible injury (stinging incidents) to growers and workers
  • Who pays for vandalism or theft of colonies, or 
if colonies are destroyed by flood or other natural disaster
  • Grower agreement to pay for extra movement of colonies into and out of the crop
  • Grower agreement to provide right of entry to beekeeper for management of bees
  • Beekeeper agreement to inspect bees before and during time in the orchard to maintain good condition for pollination
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, tax identification numbers/social security number