The Toolshed - Reviewers

Whole-book Reviewers

These individuals read and commented overall on the entire book.

Jerry Doll - Extension Weed Scientist Department of Agronomy University of Wisconsin Madison WI
Paul J. Jasa - Extension Engineer Biological Systems Engineering Department University of Nebraska Lincoln NE
R. Ed Peachey - Weed Management Specialist Horticulture Department Oregon State University Corvallis OR

Technical Reviewers

These individuals read one of the book's sections. Their comments on practical details greatly improved accuracy and inclusion of regional variations.

I. Agronomic row crop tools
David L. Carter
- Soil Scientist/Agronomist (retired) USDA-ARS, Kimberly Research Center Kimberly ID
Rick Exner - Weed Management Specialist Practical Farmers of Iowa Iowa State University Ames IA
Jim Frisch - Weed Management Tool Specialist Department of Soil Crop and Atmospheric Sciences Cornell University Ithaca NY
Dale Kumpf - Ridge-till System Specialist Henke Machine/Buffalo Farm Equipment Columbus NE
John Merrill - Dairy Farmer Stratham NH
Mark J. VanGessel - Weed Scientist Research and Education Center University of Delaware Georgetown DE

II. Horticultural crop tools
Vern Grubinger
- Extension; vegetable systems The Center for Sustainable Agriculture The University of Vermont Brattleboro VT
Greg Hoyt - Soil Management Professor Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center North Carolina State Uuniversity Fletcher NC
Jim Leap - Weed Management Tool Specialist Center for Agroecology University of California - Santa Cruz Santa Cruz CA
James A.'Kayo' Mullins - (Director of Agriculture, retired, PictSweet Frozen Foods) Jackson TN

III. Dryland crop tools
Dan Ball
- Asst. Weed Science Professor Columbia Basin Experiment Center Oregon State University Pendleton OR
Brent Bean - Extension Agronomist Texas A&M Research and Education Center Amarillo TX
Robert Boettcher - Grain Farmer Big Sandy MT
Patrick Carr - Agronomy Professor Dickinson Research Extension Center Dickinson ND