The Toolshed- Horticultural Tool Sources

Numbers refer to specific businesses in the 'Tool Sources'.

1. Horticultural Tool Distributors - regional/national.
These sources handle vegetable system implements, components or replacement parts: 19, 26, 29, 65, 69, 72, 81.

2. Specialty Tractors for Weed Control.
These sources have or can refer you to new or used specialty tractors (high clearance, offset seat/engine, or open-framed tractors with rear engines), or to related parts, service and information.

Old I-H and other makes, offset frames: 9, 10
New cultivator tractors: 70
New ultra-high clearance, between row, axle-over-tractor tree nursery tractors: 66

3. Walk-Behind Tillers.
These sources manufacture or distribute walk-behind tillers suitable for commercial market farms: 3, 8, 59, 72