Horticultural Crops
Multiple-Component Weeding Frame

Match tillage timing, depth and location to crop root growth. Weed control varies with soil conditions and weed density.

Overview: This flexible unit performs many weeding tasks on wide-row or bedded vegetable crops. Its precision furrow-following guidance system holds tools within 1" of the row, using guide wheels in the furrow or guide cones that hug the shoulders of raised beds. It can be used as a broadcast-tillage weeder before germination, and then in a row-crop mode with sweeps, spiders (offset-tooth wheels) or other tools attached to front or rear weeder toolbars.

Design Features: The tool is designed around a flex-tine weeder 50" wide housed in a sturdy frame. It is wide enough to cultivate wheel tracks on either side of 40" beds. By lifting up tines over the row and keeping them out of the way, he can work around crops up to 16" tall. The dual toolbars allow precision weeding tools solidly fastened on diamond clamps to work close to the row, or between plants, while the tines work the middles

diagram of a Multiple-Component Weeding Frame

Model for comparison: 50" weeder, front and rear diamond toolbars (2" square), steel disk guide wheels, gauge wheels, track sweeps, spiders
Rec. PTO HP: 50
3 to 5 mph
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