Horticultural Crops
Backpack Flamer (wand type)

Match tillage timing, depth and location to crop root growth. Weed control varies with soil conditions and weed density.

Overview: These portable units are intended for spot weed control or stale seedbed coverage on limited acreage. They require at least modest physical strength but weigh less than 25 pounds. Regular 30" wands work for reaching weeds near one's feet. Extended wands allow the operator to reach across a row to flame weeds in adjacent rows, or to angle flame away from the buried edge of a row's plastic mulch.

diagram of a Backpack Flamer (wand type)

Design Features: The units include backpack frame, regulator, hose and burner. Fuel cylinders may not be included. Cylinders range from 11- to 20-pound capacity (about 4 pounds per gallon). Standard gas grill tank is about 18 pound capacity. Regulators available to adjust flame intensity.

List price: $50 to $300

Use Described: deWilde, Muller
27, 63, 79