Dryland Crops
Chisel Plow (with sweeps)

Match tillage timing, depth and location to crop root growth. Weed control varies with soil conditions and weed density.

Overview: Heavier construction and fewer shanks improve residue management function compared with a field cultivator; used under a wider range of conditions, leaving soil rougher. Can be operated deep enough to shatter hardpans and improve water infiltration. For weed control in untilled soil, sweeps 12" to 18" wide do an effective job. When operated 4" to 6" deep at moderate speeds with low profile sweeps, can preserve 80 percent of residue.

Design Features: Chisel plow shanks are usually 12" apart. Optional 16" spacing for better residue handling. Some C-shanks are 'edge-bent' (formed so that the narrow dimension of the shank faces forward on the bottom half of the shank) for greater strength and stability with less soil impact and horsepower drag. C-shank stock for chisel plows is nearly always 1.25" thick and 2" wide, giving shanks more rigidity and less vibration than field cultivator shanks. Vertical clearance 27" to 32"; fore-to-aft clearance of 30" to 40" between toolbars.

Diagram of Chisel Plow (with sweeps)

Model for comparison: 23' and 25' folding frame, drawn/pull type, spring-reset shanks
Rec. PTO HP: 150 to 210
5 mph
List price:
$12,600 to $20,720
Width range (all makers/all models): 11' to 53'

Sources: 18, 21, 46, 58, 68, 76
Farmers: Artho, Cavin, Jacobson, McKaskle, Reeder, Smith