About Farm Commons

Farm Commons believes that strong, resilient sustainable farm businesses are built on a solid legal foundation. Our mission is to provide the proactive legal resources that farmers need to become the stable, resilient foundation of a community-based food system. We look forward to the day when all sustainable farmers have access to the legal resources they need to become strong and resilient.

Farm Commons values the knowledge farmers and ranchers have to make solid decisions for their operations, their lives and their communities. We know that with accurate guidance from attorneys, accountants and tax preparers, farmers are eminently capable of managing their legal affairs. Through legal education resources that cultivate a community of learning, Farm Commons empowers the sustainable farming community. Our workshops, print resources and audio/visual materials help farmers move forward on many legal subjects, including business structures, farm employment law, land leasing, land purchasing, farm financing, insurance, liability and food safety.

Learn more at www.farmcommons.org.