Editor's note:

NRAES, the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, is a not-for-profit program dedicated to assisting land grant university faculty and others in increasing the public availability of research and experience-based knowledge. NRAES is sponsored by eight land grant universities in the eastern United States. Administrative support is provided by Cornell University, the host university.

NRAES publishes practical books of interest to fruit and vegetable growers, landscapers, dairy and livestock producers, natural resource managers, SWCD (soil and water conservation district) staff, consumers, landowners, and professionals interested in agricultural waste management and composting. NRAES books are used in cooperative extension programs, in college courses, as management guides, and for self-directed learning.

NRAES member universities are:

University of Connecticut

University of Delaware

University of Maine

University of Maryland

University of New Hampshire

Rutgers University

Cornell University

West Virginia University