Cover Crop Planting Dates and Seeding Rates

Cover Crops for Soil Health - Northeast Workshop

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In this session, Matthew Ryan (Cornell University) discusses the necessity of proper establishment timing and seeding rates for maximizing cover crop performance. He explains how knowledge of the interaction between these considerations can provide management flexibility and increase cover cropping success.

Download the slide presentation (PDF): Cover Crop Seeding Dates and Seeding Rates

This session was part of Cover Crops for Soil Health, a three-day professional development workshop hosted by Northeast SARE and Delaware State University in March 2016. All session recordings are available online.

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Matthew Ryan, agroecologist and Assistant Professor at Cornell University in the Section of Soil and Crop Sciences, conducts research on sustainable cropping systems with an aim to increase cropping system sustainability through ecological intensification. He works with farmers, students, and other scientists to evaluate cropping system performance in terms of crop yield, profitability, environmental impact, and resilience. His current focus is on expanding the utility of cover crops by overcoming obstacles that limit their adoption and developing management practices that maximize their benefits. He also works on perennial grains, organic weed management, conservation agriculture, agroecological theory, and the role of diversity in adapting to climate change.

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