Comparing Four Ultra-Low-Cost Season Extension Structures on a Missouri Farm

Farmer and Rancher Innovations

SARE Outreach
2013 | 3 pages
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Wintergreen Farm is a family operation on 5 acres, with about 2 acres in vegetable production. The Grabners use unheated hoophouses, large coldframes and small high tunnels to grow cool-season greens and vegetables throughout the fall, winter and spring. They have grown more than 30 cool-season crops, including greens, root crops, herbs and others. A goal of this project was to compare winter production using four structures: EZ Build-n-Gro Cold Frames (Farmtek); cattle panel greenhouses; modified low tunnels; and standard small cold frames.

The Grabners live in plant hardiness zone 6a.

About this series: Farmer and Rancher Innovations, part of the Ag Innovations series, capture the lessons learned from SARE-funded trials and demonstrations conducted primarily by farmers and ranchers.

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